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Gain access to invaluable resources, from cutting-edge insights on emerging threats from industry leaders. Networking within such a group not only opens doors to potential career opportunities but also fosters a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange and skill development. Additionally, participating in local events and meetups provides a chance to engage in meaningful discussions and share experiences with the latest technologies and best practices in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.


We are thrilled to announce the Quarterly Chapter Meetings. These gatherings are your ticket to an exclusive, in-depth exploration of the latest trends, technologies, and strategies shaping our dynamic field. With each meeting, we aim to create an environment ripe for networking, learning, and collaboration.


2024 State of the Chapter


CISSP Review Course


Combating Digital Threats






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The Chapter has had the privilege of hosting a diverse array of accomplished speakers and mentors who have shared their invaluable knowledge and expertise with our community. These thought leaders represent a wealth of experience in cybersecurity, and their contributions have greatly enriched our events and initiatives.

Maria Sexton

Jefferson Grace

The Board


Maria Sexton

Vice President

Pete Elton

Deputy Vice President

Greg Pitts

Membership Director

Catherine Salemi

Deputy Membership

April Frost

deputy Secretary

Alex Margo


Kenny Yang

Community Outreach

Joe Leavitt

Communications Director

Billy Boatright

Deputy Communications

Frank Mosquera

Education Director

Angie Cosca

Deputy Education

Sultaneh Tadrous

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