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#FirstMonday Pre-Professional – Finding your Way

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Apologies for being a week late.  The dog ate my cyber 🙂

Pre-Professional: any individual who has not yet (and never has) obtained a position working in the cybersecurity field. This may include anyone who has interest in working in this area with or without formal training and education in the field. Examples of individuals and or situations who may be part of this phase are: individuals who are switching careers (former military, IT, retail, law enforcement, etc.) and students (high school or university).

Last month, I told you a little of my story in the Pre-Professional level of the Cybersecurity Career Lifecycle (CSCL).  Take the time while at this level to be a sponge.  Learn as much as you can, from as many sources as you can.  Both ISSA International and your Local Chapter have numerous learning opportunities, take advantage of them.  A good one that ISSA International offers are the CSCL Pre-Professional Virtual Meet-Ups.  I’m now going to brag about my Chapter.

We offer an annual CISSP review course.  The CISSP is by no means a Pre-Professional certification.  However, just taking the course can lead you down your path.  I would like to call out our Chapter Leadership for finding great subject-matter experts to mentor the course.  Understanding the real-world application of each domain is invaluable.

Another great place to learn is from Chapter meetings.  I remember a meeting we had that didn’t really interest me, based on the topic.  Even after the meeting, the topic still wasn’t high on my list of things to learn about.  However, the speaker that day did a tremendous job of walking us through the process she used to determine the best solution for her workplace.  That was my great take away from the meeting.  One day, along my CSCL, I might be tasked with determining the best solution to a pressing need.  I’ll be glad that I will have had the experience of listening to the story of how she went about doing it.

To conclude, use this time to become a Jack (or Jill)-of-all-trades.  As you will read in the coming months; the more you progress through the CSCL, the more specialized your work will become.  Next month, we step up to the Entry Level.  See you there!