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2015: A Look….Ahead

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The end of the year is usually a time for reflection.  This year, we will use this time of year to look ahead.

The main thing we are going to concentrate on during 2016 is the Cyber Security Career Lifecycle (CSCL).  This initiative was put forth by ISSA International.  They divided the Lifecycle into five parts: Pre-Professional, Entry Level, Mid-Career, Senior, and Security Leader.  Each group is then given suggestions to things that they should be doing at that point in their careers.

The reason the Las Vegas ISSA Chapter wants to focus on this is because we have members and others that attend our meetings at each of these stages, and the only way to help others move through the different sectors, is with the help of those in the higher sectors.

This coming year the first thing we will be offering is a CISSP Review Course, starting January 30th.  I recommend this course for anyone that might consider themselves Pre-Professional, Entry Level, or Mid-Career.  Usually, the Senior and Security Leaders are the mentors for the class.  Whether or not you are ready for test, the knowledge is awesome.  On a personal note, the physical security stuff taught by Joe McDonald will blow your mind.

In addition to the CISSP Review Course, we will be having a #FirstMonday post that will dive into each of the five parts of the CSCL individually.  This will help our members and friends understand where they might be in their careers in cybersecurity.  The First Monday of each Month, we will take an in-depth look at at each of the levels of the CSCL.

We also look forward to adding additional relevant content throughout the year.  For example, a monthly review of the ISSA International Journal.  This Journal often gets overlooked in our already cramped inboxes.  That means that it is the responsibility of the Chapter to let the members and friends of the Chapter know what is happening at the ISSA International level.